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Statistical Economic Impact Excrement: If $17 million / 6,000 = $2,833, how did Greensboro’s Convention and Visitors Bureau figure that each student athlete who participated in the Junior Olympics brought $2,833 to the local economy?

In July, Greensboro played host to the Junior Olympics, which drew more than 6,000 athletes, along with coaches and families, to the area. Competition was held at N.C. A&T's Irwin Belk Track.


…Hosting such track and field events is big business, filling local hotels and restaurants with visitors. Each event of that size can have an economic impact in the millions of dollars.


The Convention and Visitors Bureau estimated the economic impact of this year's Junior Olympics at nearly $17 million.


Gerald Witt

Greensboro News and Record, December 8, 2009

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triadwatch said...

they blew these numbers out of their ass