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Did the Greensboro News and Record Editorial Board know we were going to need to borrow $18.5 million and spend another $6.5 million a year for police, while they promoted an extra $7 million for the Aquatic Center, $20 million for the Natural Science Center and $651.1 million of county debt on top of $155 million of city debt in 2008?

Editorial: More cops on the beat


Now that the debate over the swim center has settled down, Greensboro City Council plans to turn its attention in 2010 to the police department.


The City Council at its December retreat called public safety its top issue, so it's likely that Chief Tim Bellamy's suggestion of adding a fifth patrol district and 300 employees over the next five years will get a good going-over.


There's cost involved, of course…which would increase the annual police payroll by $6.5 million. Building a police substation in that new patrol district could cost about $18.5 million. Again, city and police leaders must weigh these costs against the city's needs and available money.


Greensboro News and Record Editorial Board

December 22, 2009


Brenda Bowers said...

This is such a joke! $18 + million for a wholly unnecessary and special interest perk, and then question the cost of more police officers in a city where crime is bustin' out all over. Hail to Greensboro! May the insanity live on! BB

george said...

We have dug a big hole for ourselves as our revenues are falling.

The State of North Carolina and Guilford County are worse off than Greensboro, and it seems that those with any pull are trying to save thier own butts by jacking the sheeple with the bill.